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Water coagulant consult

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Service on New Chemical Registration in China by
Randis ChemWise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Randis ChemWise (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. is located in Shanghai, established in 2004. Randis is a professional consulting service provider on China regulatory compliance and on operational EHS management. The company is managed by a team of experienced professionals. Its expertise with years of experience in multi-national chemical companies provide full scope EHS service covering China regulations consultation, Product Stewardship including chemicals' registration/assessment/laboratory service and on operational EHS management consultation..

Randis ChemWise offers an integrated package of service for New Chemical Registration to China IECSC, such as,
·Function as Chinese Registration Agent.
·Initiate and coordinate the registration process
·Define testing needs and coordinate tests
·Prepare and submit the dossier
·Liaise with authorities till registration Certificate is obtained.
·Follow-up management of the registered New Chemical Substances  

Our professional expertise offers comprehensive service to help you explore your business in China, to de-bottle your resource problem in China and to save your time and cost.

We also provide service on New&Existing Chemical Substance Registration for Taiwan, GHS MSDS/Safety Label preparation for China and all over the world, 24hr Emergency telephone number, Food contact material registration to GB9685, Cosmetics registration in China etc. product Stewardship related fields, as well as laboratory testing arrangement services, etc.

Frank Wang
General Manager
Randis ChemWise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86(21)6275 7818

Unit 503~505, KeChuang Building, #350 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai, 200336 P.R.China
www.randis.cnWater coagulant consult

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